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Ford Headquarters in Michigan Announces New Home Delivery & FordPass Rewards Program

admin | September, 16 2021


In the initial days of the pandemic, some Ford dealers offered a Pickup & Delivery service. Customers could have their cars serviced at home while they remained safe. The customers loved the experience, and dealerships saw an increase in customer satisfaction.

Ford has announced that Pickup & Delivery services will be available starting March 1 to its 8.5 Million FordPass Rewards members. Ford will also be expanding its FordPass Rewards program, adding new tiers such as the Bronze, Silver, and Blue levels. This program will recognize and reward its most loyal customers. All members who have reached the top two tiers, Blue and Silver, will receive an annual free Pickup and Delivery service. Since March 2020, Ford has delivered around 100,000 pickups and delivery services to the U.S. 

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