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Ford Cuts Auto Start-Stop Feature to Get Stored Unfinished F-150’s in Michigan to Customers Quicker

admin | August, 6 2021


Due to the shortage of semiconductor chips, many production cuts have been made to the 2021 Ford F-150 supply chain. In an effort to increase the number of F-150s available for purchase, Ford was able to ship large numbers of F-150s that were stored in various locations in Detroit, Michigan. To get more vehicles in customers’ hands quicker, Ford is removing the auto start-stop feature.

Cars Direct received a letter from Ford dealers stating that consumers have the right to opt to remove the auto-start-stop feature from their pickups until 2021. The $50 credit will be applied to your truck, and you will likely see it delivered sooner due to shortages. The change will reportedly take place on 2021 Ford F-150 pickups produced in August and September. The decision to cut the F-150’s start-stop feature could negatively impact fuel economy.  However, Ford did not confirm how much fuel economy would be affected by this change.

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