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What is a Ford PHEV? 

admin | March, 10 2022


A plug-in hybrid is a vehicle with a larger electric motor and a rechargeable battery. You can recharge the battery from the commercial power grid using a charging station or from the convenience of your home, just as a fully electric vehicle. The PHEV will continue to function as a regular hybrid until the charge runs out. It uses engine power and regenerative braking to keep the electrons flowing to its battery pack.

Benefits of a Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle 

The all-electric capacity reduces fossil fuel consumption, which results in lower emissions and better fuel efficiency. PHEVs are attractive because of their all-electric range and the ability to continue running even after the battery has run out. A PHEV Battery is larger than a conventional hybrid, allowing more practical use of its self-generated electricity. It can also use the electric propulsion system to supplement the gas engine or replace it entirely in short bursts of time, giving PHEVs a higher fuel efficiency than regular hybrids. The ability to switch between gas and electric decreases typical range anxiety from customers.

Purchase a New PHEV at a Ford Dealer Near Me

Bill Brown Ford in Livonia, MI, has available on lot Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid inventory available today. Bill Brown sales associate Rick Vaughn helped the Schrock family from Arizona purchase their new 2022 PHEV Ford Escape.

Recently awarded the #1 Ford dealer in the world, Bill Brown Ford is committed to Michigan’s Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure. Bill Brown is a Partner with Consumers Energy to support their fast DC chargers initiative. Their Livonia dealership has committed to invest in a Consumers Energy qualifying Fast-DC charging station for every 200 electric vehicle deposits received. Visit Bill Brown Ford near Metro Detroit or contact Rick Vaughn regarding your next Ford Vehicle at 734-524-2777 or 


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