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What is Trail Turn Assist On The Ford Bronco?

admin | February, 10 2022


Standard on all Ford Bronco’s with a ten-speed automatic transmission, Ford Trail Turn Assist allows drivers to have more control over rugged terrain. The Bronco system will reduce your turning radius with little effort by applying brakes to the inside rear wheel while engaging in low-speed, high-steering-angle maneuvers. The traction is added to the back outside wheel during tight turns, and narrow trails acting as an anchor, keeping your tire in contact with the terrain. 

How to Turn on Trail Turn Assist

Simply press the Trail Turn Assist Button located above your Hero Switch Panel to engage the system. Trail Turn Assist is only available when the vehicle’s 4×4 system has been set to either Four-Wheel-Drive High (4H), or Four-Wheel-Drive Low (4L). The vehicle’s speed needs to be less than 12 mph, the rear locking differential disengaged (if equipped), and the steering wheel is fully turned to the left or right.

Check out Bill Brown Ford Ambassadors, Sean and Amanda from Our Bronco life, and their demo on how to use Trail Turn Assist on your next adventure. 

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